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  A Browser is called "Smart" when a group of features are available. This group of features in a Web browser that assist the user in obtaining the desired website or content. The most basic features include automatic entering of the http:// prefix or .com suffix for the URL as well as using previous lookups to complete the URL after the first several characters have been typed in (called Auto-complete). Other features include analyzing what is typed in and determining whether the browser should go to a site with that name or to a search site to search for content.

Smart Bro is definitely a "Smart Browser"

  Smart Bro provides "Smart Browser" features. For example you can hit Ctrl+ENTER to complete the name of a website. Auto-complete is provided also, to help the user type website addresses easily.

Why you should try Smart Bro?

  Smart Bro offers many features and options that you will find very useful. We designed Smart Bro with your needs in mind. We wanted to make it provide as much help as possible to you while keeping everything tidy and simple.

  You can download Smart Bro free here

  If you're not sure if you want to try Smart Bro or not, just take a look at the list of features. We're sure you'll be impressed.

  Smart Bro Features

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