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Is Smart Bro free?

  Yes, Smart Bro is freeware. No registration is required, and there are NO limitations. Smart Bro is not an Adware and it doesn't install any Spyware at all.

Why Smart Bro is free?

  Smart Bro depends on website advertisements to support the development. We will be depending on donation in the future as well. This way we will keep Smart Bro free for you.Smart Bro 100% CLEAN AWARD


  Mind Vision Software (MVS) honors your privacy and because of that, we cannot allow Smart Bro to install any Spyware on your machine. We simply cannot violate this principle.

I still have more questions...

  If you still have more question, we will be glad to answer them for you. To submit a question please click here.

Still not convinced?

  Why don't you try it and see for yourself?! This piece of software is freeware which means that you don't have anything to lose.

  Download Smart Bro.

What makes Smart Bro so special?

  • Simple Interface: Smart Bro has a very simple interface to use.

  • Very Fast: Smart Bro can browse the web very fast.

  • Technical Support: We provide full technical support in case you faced any problem with our software.

  • Rocket Speed evolving browser: Smart Bro is developing very fast to match all your needs in the best way available

  • Smart Bro is a browser packed with all the tools you'll need while browsing the web.

  • Best of all, this browser is free.

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