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  Smart Bro a form-filler with a protection for sensitive information!

  Smart Bro provides a security measure to protect your sensitive data while filling forms. For example, your credit card number can be revealed if a person had access to Smart Bro options or by pointing Smart Bro to a website that asks for credit card number. This security risk is covered by Smart Bro protected form filler.

  A security password can be set which prevents un-authorized access to credit card information in the Smart Bro options dialog (see screenshot below). Unless this password is provided, a person cannot access this information. By using this method we secured the first risk.

  The second security risk occurs when a website which needs a credit card number is loaded. This risk is covered as well by Smart Bro by refusing to fill that piece of info unless the password is provided.

  So the integrated form filler will fill the information you need without risking your sensitive data.


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