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Do you really need a tool to do it?

  The answer to your question is definitely yes. Most of the websites nowadays try to collect information from you in order to serve you better. So, whatever you're trying to do, the website master will ask you to fill a form with information in order to proceed. This is usually a very annoying task specially, when you're trying to concentrate on what you really need instead of providing information about yourself to the webmaster. A software that will fill forms automatically for you will do you a very good favor by filling these fields and letting you continue without typing anything...cool!

How about a browser with integrated form filler?

  Smart Bro comes with an integrated form filler. The form filler will use the information you provide to automatically fill any form available in the website you're currently browsing.

  The form filler also highlights the fields that were automatically filled with a "light purple" color as an indicator for you.

What about Credit Card $$$ numbers??

  Smart Bro integrated form filler will fill your credit card number in the fields also. Wait...are you sure?

YES. The form filler is provided with a security tool to prevent the form filler from filling a form for non-authorized persons

Why you should try Smart Bro?

  Smart Bro offers many features and options that you will find very useful. We designed Smart Bro with your needs in mind. We wanted to make it provide as much help as possible to you while keeping everything tidy and simple.

  You can download Smart Bro free here

  If you're not sure if you want to try Smart Bro or not, just take a look at the list of features. We're sure you'll be impressed.

  Smart Bro Features

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