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Key Features:-

  1. Tabbed interface support, this means that all web pages will be opened in one single application. This should make working on many websites at the same time very handy.

  2. Clean History on exit: This feature helps erasing your tracks after you finish your Internet session.

  3. Minimize to Tray: This option can place the browser in the system tray. You can even set a password to prevent other users from showing the contents of the browser when minimized.

  4. Tabs Toolbar: This makes switching between websites very easy.

  5. Form-filling is integrated in the browser, no need for plugins what so ever. Just fill your data and get-going.

  6. Save All Documents on exit.

  7. Quick Search the Web/Groups using the popular search engines

  8. Popup killer: The popup killer will close any popup window which is intended to provide Ads and/or unwanted overhead.

What's New in Smart Bro v2.7?

  Smart Bro v2.7 has an integrated entertainment section. We've added a new sidebar for games. It will help our users access Smart Bro entertainment section very quickly, so if you're a fan of online games, you're going to love this new version.

What's New in Smart Bro v2.6?

  1. Notification support: A notification window will show up when some specific events occur. For example, when there?s a new Smart Bro blog post, the notification window will come up with the new content.

  2. Mouse gestures: We added support for mouse gestures in this version. To learn more about mouse gestures please read our blog post.

What's New in Smart Bro v2.5?

  1. We released Smart Bro as freeware. You don't have to pay anything for Smart Bro now.

  2. We added support for full-screen view (F11).

  3. We added support for RSS feeds in Smart Bro.

  4. We enhanced the interface and menu organization.

  5. We fixed a problem in Smart Bro that caused it to report itself as IE5.5 even if Internet Explorer 6.0 is installed.

  6. We fixed the import Internet Explorer links crash.

  7. We fixed the sites toolbar button painting problem when the toolbar is invisible.

  8. We added "Customize Toolbar" button to the sites toolbar when it's empty.

  9. Added support to load/save website groups (Normal & Secure).

  10. We added a warning window when the first form is filled.

What's New in Smart Bro v2.3?

  1. A major upgrade to the internal popup killer algorithm.

  2. Mouse cursor now changes when a popup is blocked.

  3. Window for listing saved sites from the previous session.

  4. We fixed the Addressbar width problem on different resolutions.

  5. A precaution measure of a infinite loop case when crash occurs.

  6. A window to notify the user when the previous session is not terminated successfully is added.

  7. We added "Close All" button to the multiple sites controller box.

  8. Change the "Undo Close" shortcut from Ctrl+Z to Ctrl+U because this shortcut makes problems while trying to edit a paragraph (when trying to undo editing).

  9. We added a warning window when the first popup is blocked.

  10. Added the "Ask.com" search engine to our quick search list.

What's New in Smart Bro v2.2?

  1. Addressbar with system wide history is added. Now while you type in the Addressbar, Smart Bro will list all possible URLs to easily complete your required website address.

  2. Auto update for Smart Bro when available! Smart Bro (starting with this version) will check for updates online. This will make sure you'll have the latest version of this cool browser all the time.

  3. Added Quick Search to the Addressbar (Google, Yahoo & MSN): With the brand new addressbar, you can do a quick search in any of the most popular search engines on the fly. Just type your query in the addressbar and hit "SHIFT+ENTER". It will get back to you with your search results.

  4. AddedOfficeXP style option to toolbars! Now SB will look even better with this new style.

  Note: this option is turned off by default.

  5. Added"undo last closed" option: This option will make sure you don't loose the last page you closed by mistake. It will reopen it if you want.

  6. A new history clean window: If you set Smart Bro to automatically clean up your history on exit a status window will appear to show the cleanup progress.

  7. Confirmation for cleaning up all history is required now in order to process this action. This was added to avoid possible clean-up requests by mistake.

  8. "Use Blank" button for the UserSites option: A new button was added in the options to allow selecting blank pages for the user sites.

  9. The 10 custom links restriction is out! We removed this restriction from the sites toolbar. Now you can freely add any number of links.

  10. Fixed a bug in window.external script: The window.external script was not allowed in SB, we fixed that.

  11. Fixed a bug that caused SB to loose the saved documents when invoked from command line: If Smart Bro was closed and then you tried to open a new page inside it, it will forget the saved documents. We fixed that.

  12. Added Encoding submenu to the popup context menu.

  13. Fixed a bug in saving quicknotes.

  14. Fixed a bug that caused smart bro not to handle msgbox's correctly.

More Smart Bro Features...

  9. Smart Bro has received a new stylish re-designtaking Windows XP style as the building stone.

  10. Skin support is added

  11. Favorites & History are integrated directly into Smart Bro now.

  12. Tabs received more enhancements. More controls over the way they work and fixed some problems in their function and size.

  13. Auto-Refresh feature was added.

  14. Navigator Window which can help in switching between sites easily without taking too much space on the screen.

  15. Control what to download from the web is added. For example, now you can choose to load Images, but not ActiveX. You may choose not to play sounds...etc.

  16. Control on how to act when starting Smart Brois now provided.

  17. Choose what to clean-up when exiting Smart Bro. This is a new feature.

  18. Custom links can be manipulated very easily now. In the previous version this was a little bit hard to do.

  19. Toolbar Icons can be changed.

  20. Control over how the tabs work in Smart Bro is provided, you can now change the action of a tab for events like: Left Click, Shift + Left Click, Right Click, Shift + Right Click, Double Click.

  21. Control over how the toolbars work is provided as well.

  22. Popup killer is enhanced. Now ALT key can momentarily disable the Popup killer. The black list is working better than before.

Try Smart Bro Now!

  The new version of Smart Bro received many good enhancements that we think deserve you to look closer at. We're 100% confident you?ll like the new changes.

Why don't you try it?

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