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Download Smart Bro:-

License Freeware - Why?
Minimum Requirements Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Internet Explorer 5.0+
Uninstaller Included Yes
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Why should I try Smart Bro, It's just another tabbed web-browser?

  Smart bro is not just another web-browser, it has many features that were added with the user needs in mind. Other browsers are full of features that will overwhelm the user instead of making his life easier. We on the other hand tried to add the features that really matter to the user. Please take a closer look at Smart Bro, you won't be disappointed ...

What if I decided not to download this browser?

  It's up to you, however, we're going to be sad that you didn't give it a chance. What if this browser had everything you've been looking for all the time and you simply skipped it?!! besides what do you have to loose? It will take a couple of minutes to download and install. After that, you'll know that you didn't make any mistake by choosing Smart Bro.

  Convinced? Download Browser

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