Smart Bro v2.6.0011 is released!


Hello Guys,


Smart Bro v2.6 (Build#11) is released! The new build contains 3 important enhancements:


1. Closing Tab crash is fixed: In some rare situations, closing a specific website can crash Smart Bro. With this new fix, this problem is gone!


2. Script Error messages problem was solved: We received many emails complaining that Smart Bro is unable to suppress script errors correctly (Menu->Content->Suppress Script Errors). The problem is fixed now. All what you have to do is to make sure that the options (Menu->Content->Suppress Loading Errors & Menu->Content->Suppress Script Errors) are checked and we’ll take it from there.


3. New search engines are added to our quick search: Well, we’ve added the and which is not actually a search engine, but it will definitely help you do your research faster using Smart Bro.


That’s it for today, Now the latest and coolest Smart Bro is v2.6.0011, so if you don’t have this version, please download it from here!

Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro

Best regards,

Tony Sticks

Mind Vision Software (MVS)

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