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Hi Guys,


I read an article about some of the problem in the new IE7, so enjoy …



Putting aside specific issues (compatibility, printing, installation, etc)
noted by others, is my experience of the following typical – and is this the
way it is supposed to be? [on my HP Pavilion notebook, 3GHz HT Pentium, 1GB

Speed: pages seem to load more slowly than before. I know that the phishing
filter might be implicated in this, but surely checking and reporting on
phishing status should be independent of the presentation of the website
itself? (Load the page as fast as possible, and only when phishing search
complete update the icon). As to the effect of add-ins on speed… it was all
fine with IE6.

Responsiveness: Tabbed browsing seems rather pointless (apart from having a
single window) when one cannot work effectively with tabs because IE7 is
unresponsive while loading, e.g after a Ctrl-click on a link (to open a new
background tab) I am unable to click again until the new page has loaded! It
doesn’t seem that IE7 is multithreaded properly (or at all?). I am better off
with different browser windows because they all respond to events

Utility: principles of tabbed browsing, “Quick Tabs” etc. OK, but frequently
clicked items are favorites, file save as, etc. are on the LHS but tools,
home etc. is all on the right hand side on a toolbar that cannot be moved.
I’ve turned on the menu bar, that helps a bit, but this is typical of MS –
not merely providing a perceived “improvement” but not allowing me to work
differently if I happen to disagree.

Specific Functionality: I am annoyed that the security info no longer seems
to report on the encryption level: in IE6 I saw sites such as PayPal claiming
to use 128 encryption, but the report said only 40-bit (which I consider
woefully inadequate). I want to know how secure the security is…

Like many others I am reluctant to accept the risk of an uninstall to IE6,
so… if my experience is not atypical, when is IE 7.01 due?


That’s it for today, please keep in mind that you should


Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro


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Tony Sticks,

Mind Vision Software (MVS)

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