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What’s new is Smart Bro v2.6?

Monday, November 27th, 2006


We’re glad to announce the release of Smart Bro v2.6. The new version of Smart Bro has received many enhancements that we hope you will like.

we added in this release:

1. Notification support: A notification window will show up when some specific events occur. For example, when there’s a new Smart Bro blog post, the notification window will come up with the new content.


2. Mouse gestures: We added support for mouse gestures in this version. To learn more about mouse gestures please read our previous post.


3. We added skin support for the splash screen.


4. Saving state problems are fixed: We fixed the bug of the rebar band in the main screen not being able to save its state upon closing.


5. We fixed the bug of maximize/minimize/restore status.


6. We fixed a bug that caused the rss reader to duplicate a headline that was already retrieved.


We’re sure that you will like the new features that were added to Smart Bro. If you want to download Smart Bro, please go here.

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best regards,

Tony Sticks

Mind Vision Software (MVS)

A quick evaluation of Internet Explorer 7

Monday, November 20th, 2006



Hi Guys,


I read an article about some of the problem in the new IE7, so enjoy …



Putting aside specific issues (compatibility, printing, installation, etc)
noted by others, is my experience of the following typical – and is this the
way it is supposed to be? [on my HP Pavilion notebook, 3GHz HT Pentium, 1GB

Speed: pages seem to load more slowly than before. I know that the phishing
filter might be implicated in this, but surely checking and reporting on
phishing status should be independent of the presentation of the website
itself? (Load the page as fast as possible, and only when phishing search
complete update the icon). As to the effect of add-ins on speed… it was all
fine with IE6.

Responsiveness: Tabbed browsing seems rather pointless (apart from having a
single window) when one cannot work effectively with tabs because IE7 is
unresponsive while loading, e.g after a Ctrl-click on a link (to open a new
background tab) I am unable to click again until the new page has loaded! It
doesn’t seem that IE7 is multithreaded properly (or at all?). I am better off
with different browser windows because they all respond to events

Utility: principles of tabbed browsing, “Quick Tabs” etc. OK, but frequently
clicked items are favorites, file save as, etc. are on the LHS but tools,
home etc. is all on the right hand side on a toolbar that cannot be moved.
I’ve turned on the menu bar, that helps a bit, but this is typical of MS –
not merely providing a perceived “improvement” but not allowing me to work
differently if I happen to disagree.

Specific Functionality: I am annoyed that the security info no longer seems
to report on the encryption level: in IE6 I saw sites such as PayPal claiming
to use 128 encryption, but the report said only 40-bit (which I consider
woefully inadequate). I want to know how secure the security is…

Like many others I am reluctant to accept the risk of an uninstall to IE6,
so… if my experience is not atypical, when is IE 7.01 due?


That’s it for today, please keep in mind that you should


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Best regards,

Tony Sticks,

Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Mouse Gestures

Monday, November 13th, 2006

Hi Guys,


Today, I’m posting to you an article about mouse gestures. This feature which is available in some web browsers. I hope you will enjoy reading it…


In computing, a mouse gesture is a way of combining computer mouse movements and clicks which the software recognizes as a specific command. Mouse gestures can provide quick access to common functions of a program. They can also be useful for people who have difficulties typing on a keyboard. For example, in a web browser, the user could navigate to the previously viewed page by pressing the right mouse button, moving the mouse briefly to the left, then releasing the button.


The first mouse gesture, the “drag,” was introduced by Apple to replace a dedicated “move” button on mice shipped with its Macintosh and Lisa computers. Dragging involves holding down a mouse button while moving the mouse; the software interprets this as an action distinct from separate clicking and moving behaviors. Although this behavior has been adopted in a huge variety of software packages, few other gestures have been as successful. As of 2005, most programs do not support gestures other than the drag operation. Each program that recognizes mouse gestures does so in its own way, sometimes allowing for very short mouse movement distances to be recognized as gestures, and sometimes requiring very precise emulation of a certain movement pattern (e.g. circle). Some implementations allow users to customize these factors.

The Opera web browser has recognized mouse gestures since version 5.11 (April 2001). Several mouse gesture extensions are also available for the Mozilla Firefox browser, such as the Optimoz Mouse Gestures extension that offer also Rocker gestures performed by pressing one mouse button while holding down the other (this offers two additional commands, usually moving forward/backward). These extensions use almost identical gestures as Opera.


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Best regards,

Tony Sticks,

Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Smart Bro v2.5.0012 is released!

Friday, November 10th, 2006

Hello Guys,
We’ve just released a new build of Smart Bro. Build #12 has received a very important fix for the RSS reader functionality.
In many cases we noticed that Smart Bro RSS reader doesn’t detect new RSS entries at the correct time. In some cases a gap of 1 day between the post and the detection of the new entry. In this build we fixed this problem.
If you have any notes or comments, please let me know.
Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro.

Best regards,
Tony Sticks,
Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Tabbed browsing : Smart Bro vs FireFox

Saturday, November 4th, 2006


Hi Guys,


  Today I’m going to talk about the tabbed interface for both Smart Bro (our browser) and FireFox. I wanted to take a closer look at it in order to come up with the best of both (if any). The comparison is being made between Smart Bro v2.5.0011 and FireFox v1.5.0.7.


  Well, at the first glance, you’ll notice that Smart Bro has a blue icon (mark) on every tab and the text to the right of it. In FF, you’ll see an icon of an empty document instead. When you try to load a website on a specific tab, Smart Bro will show an empty blue icon and start filling that icon until it’s complete which denotes that loading the website is completed. In FF, this is replaced with a progress icon that doesn’t show the progress. The icon itself is very cool, but it doesn’t provide much info.


  I noticed that Smart Bro is missing a feature that is available in FF. When a website has a special icon, FF will show that icon, while Smart Bro will not do that. I’m not sure if this is useful, but I think it may come handy sometimes.


  When a website, in an inactive tab, is loaded in Smart Bro and completed, it will flash to drag your attention that the website (which you’re not currently looking at) is loaded completely. I found this feature is missing in FireFox. I think this is a nice feature that helps users with a slow connection who are trying to work on multiple sites at the same time.


Now for the interaction…

  Smart Bro allows the user to customize what actions should be done for specific events. Left-Click tab, Right-Click tab, Double-Click tab, Shift+Left-Click tab and Shift+Right-Click tab. By default, Smart Bro:


Left-Click: Activates the tab.

Right-Click: Closes the tab.

Shift+Left-Click: Reloads the tab.

Shift+Right-Click: Shows the tab menu.

Double Click: Toggles shrinking on/off.


  What I think is the best in Smart Bro tabbed interface is the closing event (right-clicking the tab) which is very fast and easy. FireFox on the other hand Activates a tab by left-clicking the tab and shows the tab menu by right-clicking the tab. This doesn’t offer much flexibility in my opinion. I recall seeing a close button on every tab in FireFox, but I’m not 100% sure what was that, but in my version it’s not there.


  Both browsers has a close button at the right-most of the tabs area by which you can close the selected tab.


  When loading many websites, both Smart Bro and FireFox keep all the tabs in one line, which is a little bit hard when you’re working on more than 15 websites. I think this is not an important issue, but it should be mentioned.


  Smart Bro offers options to minimize, restore, close, tile horizontally, cascade and close all the currently open tabs using the top-right control box. FireFox doesn’t offer any of these options unfortunately.


  This concludes the tabbed interface comparison. I hope it will be useful to you guys and if you think, I missed a point or two, please leave a comment and I will be more than happy to add them.


Mean while…

Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro.


Best regards,

Tony Sticks,

Mind Vision Software (MVS).