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Be extremely cautious of free downloadable software…

Monday, September 4th, 2006

I read this article and I thought you may be interested in reading it:

There are literally thousands of sites that offer cool toolbars, awesome cursers, and other appealing stuff to computer users. If you aren’t sure if you can trust the site or have no idea that it is safe, don’t download things from it.

What you are really doing is exposing yourself to spyware and possibly more. You can wind up downloading a lot more than just the program you thought you were.

BTW, Smart Bro isn’t spyware or ad-ware.

If you get e-mails containing links to get rid of spyware, ignore and delete them. These links will most like be the actual spyware itself that it is claiming to get rid of. If you think you may have spyware on your machine, go to a reputable site to get removal tools.

Make sure you have your browser preferences set to limit cookies and pop-ups.

Tip: Smart Bro Popup killer is active by default. If it’s not active, double click the popup killer icon in the status bar.

Usually the pop-up is activated by some active content or by scripting. Adjust your browser setting to reduce or prevent scripting or active content from happening. This can help curb and decrease the number of windows that pop-up unannounced.

Tip: In Smart Bro you can easily disable scripting on websites that show many annoying messages and popup’s by unchecking the “Enable Scripts” in the “Content” menu.

Most browsers and toolbars offer the option to block all pop-ups. This option is good but it will block even regular windows you have clicked on from coming up. All you would have to do is hold the control key while you click on the site you are trying to pull up. This will let the window come through.

Tip: In Smart Bro you can use ALT key instead of Control.

There are also some cookies that are considered spyware because they show what web sites you have been on. You can adjust your cookie setting to keep them to a minimum and can also go into your Internet options and delete them whenever you like. It is best to delete all your cookies once a day.

Tip: You can adjust Smart Bro to clean cookies upon exit. This can save you from periodically cleaning your hard drive from history files.

Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro

Tony Sticks
Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Linking Back to Smart Bro

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

Today, I’m going to ask you a favor. It’s about linking back to Smart Bro.

I know that many of you may not have websites, others maybe very busy with their own work. But I just want to let you know that by doing this; you will help Smart Bro development and marketing (not selling of course!). Linking back to Smart Bro will help its rank on search engines and make it seen to a larger number of people out there.

I will put some information below that can help you link back to Smart Bro.

To get HTML code for Smart Bro link, please click this link

Thank in advance for your help spreading Smart Bro.

Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro

Tony Sticks
Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Why you should use FireFox

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Today I was surfing the Internet and found this website about FireFox. This site shows why you should leave Internet Explorer and switch to Mozilla FireFox.

The reasons were:

1. FireFox is free, like Smart Bro 😉
2. Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Mac OS.
3. Tabbed Browsing like Smart Bro again. I used FireFox and it’s really cool, but I don’t think it can beat Smart Bro tabs flexibility.
4. Extensions. I will give FireFox that because I didn’t need extensions and I didn’t really looked at that to be honest.
5. Themes: Smart Bro supports skins but not themes 🙁
6. Built in search engines: Smart Bro supports quick search in Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask.
7. Speed: well, I’m not sure about that!!
8. Printing … Fixed.
9. Better Homepage: come on… you can do better.
10. Popup blocker: Integrated popup killer is supported by Smart Bro too.
11. Automatic Updates: We have this too.
12. Plugins: Smart Bro works like Internet Explorer. All the mentioned plugins just work for me.( Acrobat Reader, Flash Player ,Java ,Quicktime ,RealPlayer ,Shockwave ,Windows Media Player)

Now here’s why you should use Smart Bro instead of FireFox:

1. Integrated Form Filler.
2. Flash filter.
3. Enable customizing what to download from the Internet (Sounds, Images, Videos, Scripts) to save bandwidth.
4. Integrated home page, search page and News page.
5. RSS reader.
6. History cleaner to protect your privacy.
7. Quick Notes to help you remember.
8. Minimize to system tray with password protection.
9. Light and Quick.

Of course, I don’t want to make this blog become a battle of which browser should win FireFox or Internet Explorer but I really hate giving FireFox more than what it deserves. I really think it’s a very decent browser and in some cases it beats Internet Explorer but just keep everything in its real state, no more.

Browse the web smarter … use Smart Bro.

Tony Sticks
Mind Vision Software (MVS)