Microsoft WELCOMES Firefox on Vista!

This is an interesting article about the browsers’ wars:


Yesterday I encountered a very interesting post – Microsoft Invites Mozilla Devs Over – where Microsoft the “non-compatible” giant invites Mozilla developers to help makes sure Firefox runs smoothly on Vista!

It took me a few hours to try and understand what does it mean without getting into too much conspiracy theories (which, I have to admit, blossom when I hear a news like this:). Also I don’t want to dive into pink dreambad made by Microsoft – I’m hurt and I had too many disappointments in the past.

Instead, I’ll write down what this move can mean (without no feelings at all):

1) Microsoft finally acknowledges Firefox is here to stay – realizing that Internet Explorer is not going to be the dominant browser for the second time (Last round was when they had Netscape on the floor).

2) Microsoft finally found out a way to kill Firefox – Let’s hardwire it into propietary Vista and then give IE internal system level advantages. Once both browsers will have to play by the same playground rules IE will win.

3) Microsoft is changing towards and open source model and they found out a way to create enough money to replace their revenue stream coming from proprietary software sells (Does someone knows how?).

4) Microsoft wants to recruit these open source developers and maybe reduce the R&D capacity behind Firefox (Not an ever lasting strategy against open source developers – the people).

5) Microsoft decided to stick to their two face strategy – on one hand they are a proprietary giant and on the other hand they are open source friendly. It works both for CIOs as well as for developers who find a glimpse of hope in Microsoft’s statements about open source.

It probably has other interpretations or none at all:)


What do you think of this? It’s really weird, no?


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