Internet Explorer 7.0 Evaluation!

I downloaded Internet Explorer 7 couple days ago and played with it a little bit. The new browser has a cool interface that’s a little bit close to FireFox. I liked this new interface very much as it provides wider space to enjoy the webpage content. It also features the tabbed interface (just like Smart Bro). The Internet Explorer menu is hidden by default to save space. The browser seemed lighter than Internet Explorer 6.0.

In general (compared to the previous versions), this is the best version released with lots of features that all of us (before Smart Bro) always wanted.

To be honest, I was expecting a more feature-rich browser than this from Microsoft considering the heat it’s receiving from FireFox. I was expecting that Microsoft will collect every single feature in all the available tabbed browsers and integrate them into the Internet Explorer (in their own way of course). This didn’t happen. For instance, the tabbed interface is not flexible as I expected. I found that new instances of the browser kept showing up for new windows (when hitting Shift+Click link). I found also that you can’t filter flash or ads. I found that they integrated quick search into the browser, but it’s weird that they’re relying on Google for the search by default instead of MSN.

In general the new Internet Explorer is cool for a change, but if you’re really addicted to Smart Bro (like myself), you’ll find it a little bit hard to ride ?

Browse the web smarter…use Smart Bro.

Tony Sticks
Mind Vision Software (MVS)

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