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Online Help upgraded!

Friday, May 26th, 2006

Smart Bro online help received a thorough review. We found inaccurate information in the previous help files. The new help files are more accurate and more detailed to make getting the most out of Smart Bro much easier.

In this review, we also changed the way the help files were organized. In the new method we organized the help topics as a tree which makes navigation between help files more convenient to the users.

The new help files are organized into the following topics:

– Legal Notes
– Evaluation Notes
– Quick Tour
– Menu Help
– Toolbars Help
– Statusbar Help
– Sidebars Help
– Navigator Help
– Options Dialog Help

Please take a look at the new online help and if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and happy surfing.

Tony Sticks
Mind Vision Software (MVS)

Smart Bro v2.3 is released!

Friday, May 19th, 2006

   We’re glad to announce the release of Smart Bro v2.3. We worked really hard to deliver this new version and we think you’ll like Smart Bro even more with this new release.

   We added many enhancements to this version like:

1. List of saved sites from the previous session: when Smart Bro starts, it will ask you whether to load the saved sites from the previous session or just start normally. Now we can show you a list of saved sites.
2. A precaution measure of infinite loop is taken care of in case of abnormal termination.

3. Smart Bro will show you a warning window if Smart Bro was closed improperly from the previous session.

4. A major upgrade to the way the internal popup killer works is done. Now the popup killer is even smarter to provide you with the decent results you expect.

5. Mouse cursor now changes when a popup is blocked.

6. Fixing the Addressbar width on different resolutions problem: The Addressbar used to have incorrect widths on different resolutions. We took care of that.

7. We added “Close All” button to the multiple site controller box.

8. We changed the “Undo Close” shortcut from Ctrl+Z to Ctrl+U: The old shortcut was annoying in some cases when you’re editing a paragraph and try to undo a change.

9. We added a warning window when the first popup is blocked by Smart Bro: the warning window will introduce you to the Smart Bro popup killer.

10. We added the “” search engine to our list of quick search list.

If you still didn’t get the chance to try this new version of Smart Bro, you can do this now by downloading it from here

Thank you for your interest in Smart Bro.

Tony Sticks
Mind Vision Software (MVS)