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What’s a smart browser?

Friday, March 24th, 2006

     A Browser is called “Smart” when a group of features are available. These features in a Web browser that assist the user in obtaining the desired Web site or content. The most basic features include automatic entering of the http:// prefix or .com suffix for the URL as well as using previous lookups to complete the URL after the first several characters have been typed in (called Auto-complete). Other features include analyzing what is typed in and determining whether the browser should go to a site with that name or to a search site to search for content. 
Smart Bro is definitely a “Smart Browser”:
     Smart Bro provides “Smart Browser” features. For example you can hit Ctrl+ENTER to complete the name of a website. Auto-complete is provided also, to help the user type website addresses easily.

Try Smart Bro?
   You can download a free trial version of Smart Bro here

Hello world!

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Hello Guys,

This is the brand new blog for Smart Bro. I hope you all enjoy reading it and to hear from you.

I’ll just keep it short this first time.

See ya.