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  Smart Bro is a Browsers Extension with many new features, introduced to help you browse the Internet in an easier and more exciting ways. After you use Smart Bro, you'll never go back to your old web browser again. Guaranteed!

Is Smart Bro free?

  Yes, Smart Bro is freeware. No registration is required, and there are NO limitations. Smart Bro is not an Adware and it contains no Spyware at all. Read more...

Download it?

  Click here to download Smart Bro. The Smart browser that we designed carefully to suite all of your needs.

Quick Tour

   If you like to know more about Smart Bro features and how it can make browsing the Internet easier, please take the quick tour

Play Smart Bro Games online!

  We have added an entertainment section to Smart Bro website. The Smart Bro entertainment section has many exciting games for you and we will be adding more in the near future.

Smart Bro Games

  Sounds exciting? There's more . . . our new version of Smart Bro has an integrated sidebar which gives you access directly to this entertainment section. Whenever you're feeling tired, bored or just looking for some fun, you can click on the games sidebar to load your favorite game and start the excitement right away. Smart Bro is a browser that is designed for you, don't you think?

  We really hope that you'll like our new entertainment section. Have fun and remember, if you have any notes, please let us know.

Why should I use Smart Bro?

Smart Bro is designed carefully with your needs in mind. It offers many features that you need in your Internet browser:

1. Smart Bro is compatible with Internet Explorer. You don't have to worry if this browser will load web pages correctly or not. It's 100% compatible with Internet Explorer.

2. Smart Bro provides an integrated popup killer which stops annoying Ads from showing.

3. A Flash filter is provided to stop flash advertisements from annoying you. The filter can be easily switched on or off.

4. Integrated Form filler is provided to help you fill forms easily. All you need to do is to fill your information for the first time, after that Smart Bro will fill all web forms for you.

5. Smart Bro provides an integrated RSS reader which can help you track your favorite websites' news.

6. Smart Bro can clean up your history automatically which helps you protect your privacy.

7. It loads very quickly compared to Internet Explorer.

8. It can be minimized to system tray. You can even set a password to protect it.

9. It can save its state for later. It can keep the websites you're currently working on for later. This is extremely useful for browsing the web.

10. It has an integrated entertainment section that can offer you some exciting games when you're feeling bored! You'll definitely need this.


 * There's more to see...

Smart Bro offers more features that we didn't mention yet. to see the complete list please take a look at Smart Bro features or you can simply take the quick tour.

Smart Bro will help you get rid of Internet Explorer problems. It's actually a fully integrated tabbed browser which provides you with everything you'll need to browse the web.

Why should I use Smart Bro instead of any other competitor browser?

  • Simple Interface: Smart Bro has a very simple interface to use.

  • Very Fast: Smart Bro can browse the web very fast.

  • Technical Support: We provide full technical support in case you faced any problem with our software.

  • Rocket Speed evolving browser: Smart Bro is developing very fast to match all your needs in the best way available

  • Smart Bro is a browser packed with all the tools you'll need while browsing the web.

  • Best of all, this browser is free.

Still not convinced?

Why don't you try it and see for yourself?! This piece of software is freeware which means that you don't have anything to lose.

Download Smart Bro


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